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arts competition

Our SAMUN IX team invites you to join the first edition of our arts competition! Samun encourages variety and expression in every facet, and that includes a variety of interests as well. For this reason, SAMUN IX will be hosting its first annual arts competition in conjunction with the conference this year.  The categories chosen for this year’s competitions are photography and music. So whether you sing, play an instrument, or take amazing pictures, you are welcome to join the competition and start our tradition!


(You must read the terms and conditions before signing up to any of the competitions)

  • Art pieces must not have inappropriate language. If the piece you are performing has any kind of inappropriate language, make sure to replace the word to an appropriate synonym or modify the lyrics if needed. And if it is inappropriate photography, you are required to choose another photograph that is appropriate.

  • If your performance includes playing an instrument, you should keep in mind that we might not be equipped with some of the instruments you might want to use. This being said, if you are performing with an instrument other than a piano, an electric guitar, or an acoustic guitar, you should bring your own instruments.

  • The deadline for your submission will be March the  7th  until 11:59 P.M. Registrations to any of the two categories after this deadline, are not qualified for the SAMUN IX Arts Competition.

  • If you don't comply with the terms and conditions listed above, or you do not agree with them, you are to be disqualified of the competition.



Awards will be given to the two winners, (one from the Music Competition, one from the Photography Competition) after being announced, at the end of the closing ceremony.


  • 3 finalists from the Music Competition will be announced one week prior to the committee.

    • These finalists will be asked to perform during the closing ceremony.

  • 3 finalists from the Photography Competition will be announced during the committee at any moment.

  • 1st place winners of both the Photography Competition and Music Competition will be announced at the closing ceremony.

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