Dear delegates and advisors,


I am very pleased to invite you to the ninth edition of SAMUN. For this edition, I have the opportunity to be the Under Secretary General of the Model. I have been participating in Model UN since I was in fourth grade. It has helped shape me into the person I’ve become and it has granted me values and experiences that I wouldn’t have gained otherwise. But, through time it is easy to let go of the real objective of these simulations. This year, we decided that the values and qualities that MUN has given us will be reflected on our Model. To shape our ideas into actions is the step to take in order to change from a mere thinker to a doer. To become someone who actually makes a change. For this year’s edition of SAMUN, I invite you to trust your inner voice and capacities in order to shape your ideas and the ideas you build with your team into actions and into projects. I encourage all of you to work together in your committees and to let go of the individualism that sometimes prevents us from giving great ideas a chance. I hope that this year you will not only learn about your academic topics, but as well get to develop a sense of social responsibility that will motivate you to become a doer.


Welcome to SAMUN IX!


Sara Torres Benavides

Under Secretary General