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Dear delegates, sponsors, and observers,

It is an honor for me to invite you to the tenth version of SAMUN, the Model of United Nations of the Santa Marta Bilingual School. In the same way, I am extremely pleased to be part of this awesome team.

It is the first time that I am part of a SAMUN team, I have always been interested in leading and working in a team to reach a final result that leaves an impact on someone’s lives; and this time I wanted to risk trying something different, I wanted to challenge myself because I have always considered that “if you wanted it, you can achieve it”, it only takes perseverance, dedication, effort, responsibility, and love. I am sure that each of the characteristics mentioned have been reflected in each of the activities, jobs, and hours dedicated; in order to make this event something real. With certainty, I dare to say that each of the members of this team has carried out each of his/her responsibilities with great devotion and love. Therefore, we want you to be part of this great experience, an experience that will allow you to grow academically, and most importantly grow as a person. Remember that you are the one in charge of guiding yourself to success; without further ado...

Welcome to SAMUN X!

Maria Claudia Eljach and Isaac Cotes




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