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The deadline for your submission will be March the  7th  until 11:59 P.M. Registrations to any of the two categories after this deadline, are not qualified for the SAMUN IX Arts Competition.

Submissions must reflect a delegate's interpretation of the theme. Accepted categories for photography include the following: 



People & Society

The Ugly Truth

To see what each category includes, click or drag your mouse to the photos taken by our press team!

Each delegate may submit only one submission per category. Each school may submit as many entries as they want, (taking into account the previously set limit for each delegate) in all of the categories in the photography competition. Collaborations amongst delegates are welcomed and must be included in the submission format.

What inspires you about your photo? Because we want to know your interests and where they come from, we ask you to write a paragraph explaining what caught your eye and inspired you to take the picture in the submission format. This can help you add points for the competition.

Photography submissions must be original and of high quality. Photographers are free to use any editing software and to choose their style of photography, taking into account that photographies have to fall in one of the three categories.


After reading all the guidelines and terms and conditions, CLICK ON THE CAMERA SHAPED ICON to sign up to the Photography  Competition.

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