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Delegates, Sponsors, Observers, ladies, and gentlemen


It is an absolute honor to announce and welcome you to SAMUN XII. The SAMUN installment marks a cornerstone for the school, the country, and us as the secretariat; a lifelong dream finally coming true. From the past installments that moved our heartstrings, and the fire that was passed on generation after generation, the torch is now literally in our hands to ignite and pass on further to the rest. I know that I speak from the entire SAMUN XII team when I say that we are incredibly grateful to those who came before us, which is why this year we celebrate the legacy they left, and the one we are leaving behind.


SAMUN XII will - once more - focus on problem-solving, diplomacy, and the ability to connect with others to find the best possible solution to the situation. We know all of you are capable of this, which is why we have provided you with skillful committees and an incredible space to practice your abilities, polishing them into the potential you are bound to achieve. Even then, SAMUN XII is not just about academics, but also experience. We understand that what makes these moments unforgettable are the people you meet and the experience you have with those people. SAMUN XII will focus on making your experience one that you will never forget, with people you will always remember.


I hope with utmost faith that all of you are able to enjoy SAMUN XII, and that we may fruitfully achieve our goal of passing the torch onto you, so that you may one day pass it on as well!


Best Regards,

Ernesto Serna

Secretary General SAMUN XII 

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