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Dear delegates, 

The moment we've been eagerly awaiting has arrived. After months of preparation by a dedicated and talented team, we proudly welcome you to the thirteenth edition of SAMUN, SAMUN XIII. It's both a privilege and an honor for us to host this distinguished event, where we aim to create unforgettable experiences and witness the best of each of you.

Throughout our days together, we urge you to harness the same level of dedication and commitment that you've poured into your preparation. Work collaboratively, release your creativity, and strive to find innovative solutions to the challenges at hand. Let SAMUN XIII be not only a platform for intellectual growth but also a space where fellowship and diplomacy prevail.

This Model United Nations event provides you with an opportunity to exchange ideas, skills development, and to showcase your full potential. We trust that all resources offered, including academic guides and our handbook, will equip you for outstanding performance in every facet of our model. In case of any doubts or concerns do not hesitate to contact your presidents through the academic emails provided in the guides.

I look forward to meeting and collaborating with each of you throughout SAMUN XIII.

Warm and kindest regards,

Sofía Isabel Avendaño Ibarra

Under Secretary General - SAMUN XIII

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